Local church organization has families stitching quilts

Prineville's First Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints were busy recently making quilts as part of a humanitarian project to benefit people in need.
   This effort represents one of many ongoing service projects conducted by the group on a yearly basis.
   Blanket projects occur regularly among the women of the Relief Society, the women's organization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
   This most recent effort involving a cross section of church members was well attended, drawing on family members and quilters of all ages.
   For most of the men, and some of the children who participated in the event, this was the first time they had taken up a needle to learn the craft of quilting.
   Using materials donated exclusively by members of the church, the group met earlier this month to assemble blankets of every color and description. "With all of the hurricanes and disasters going on there's been really a greater need lately, so we've stepped up our efforts," Mo Workman, a participant at the event explained.
   The approximately 75 volunteer quilters were able to construct a total of 10 quilts in about two hours, all in one evening.
   "Most of the time it's just the women. But that night we had men, women and children working to complete as many quilts as possible. We tried to make it something unique where everybody could accomplish a lot in one night. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and worked to support each other. It was something fun the whole family could work on."
   In addition to the 10 blankets completed during that evening, which are earmarked for distribution around the world, another 10 are in the process of being finished and will be available to the needy locally.
   "We give quilts to COBRA and the local shelters as well as to those who come to our church in need of support," Workman explained.
   Earlier this year, in a similar effort involving folks from Prineville and Redmond, over 600 infant receiving blankets were made and donated to the church's Humanitarian Aide Program.