ented local musician, Charlie Walker recently returned to Prineville from Nashville, Tennessee, where he recorded his second album.
   The Country Christian album titled "Rest in His Promise" features original songs written and composed by the artist. With his trademark soft, soothing voice and meaningful lyrics, Walker says he strives to encourage the hearts of his listeners wherever he goes.
   Traveling all over the northwest and beyond, Walker's goal is to take with him a message of encouragements and hope delivered through song.
   "Rest in His Promise" includes songs which Walker explains are geared toward offering comfort and spiritual guidance.
   "I want them to know they have somewhere to go when they're going through hard times," he said.
   While Walker doesn't necessarily consider himself a songwriter, he does note that songs he has written for the new album sprang from a deeper source. He emphasizes that his spiritual beliefs have helped him to draw upon his own life experiences - not all of them pleasant - to write songs that affect people where they live.
   "My heartfelt desire is to encourage people to focus on what is important in life and know there is someone out there who understands and cares," he said.
   Walker will present his newest album, "Rest in His Promise" in Prineville on Dec. 1 starting at 7 p.m. at a concert to be held at Prineville Community Church. There is no charge for admission.
   Doors will open at 6 p.m. and albums will be available for purchase. For more information call 447-6315.
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