the editor: It is just three months ago, that we were devastated by the terrorist attacks on our country. Since then, many of our Prineville residents have joined the entire nation in displaying our flag as a symbol of pride, patriotism, sorrow, hope and unity. I commend each and every individual or family who has joined this trend. It is truly a thrill to see so many flags proudly displayed, whether on homes, cars, or in the form of jewelry. Unfortunately, the life expectancy of an all weather flag flying on a daily basis is only about 90 days and we notice that many around town are showing their age. While I realize flags are a costly item, it is important that we each take time to check our flags and ensure that they are suitable for display. If extremely faded or if torn beyond proper repair, the flag should be replaced and disposed of properly (preferably by burning). If anyone has questions about proper flag etiquette or needs help with flag disposal, please feel free to contact me at 447-8667 or Vice Commander Chuck Kebler at 447-7957. Dave Swanson Post Commander American Legion Post 29
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