the editor: To the CCHS band and choir ... Congratulations on a job well done. For those of you that have not attended a Crook County High School band or choir concert this year, you have really missed out. The two men we have directing our programs right now are wonderful. It is hard to believe that they can take our students and make them sound as good as they do in such a short period of time. The band concert last Monday (17th) was great. The kids did a great job. The choir concert last night (19th) was beautiful. The auditorium was packed with people standing in the back. Please check the calendar of events or just call the schools to find out the dates of the next concerts and please attend. You too will be amazed and pleased with the sounds you will hear. Let’s give Mr. Moore and Mr. Johnson some kind word of thanks and let’s encourage them to stay here. I heard some people talking last night saying that Mr. Johnson was so good that he will never stay in Prineville. Let’s make sure we do everything in our power to make sure that both Mr. Johnson and Mr. Moore stay in Prineville. They not only have earned the students’ respect, but the kids love them. Thanks guys. Sue Williams Prineville
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