More thoughts on the CRR calendar

To the editor: On the subject of the Crooked River Roundup calendar: I am 100 percent for the calendar as I am sure many people will agree. The calendar is done with elegant taste and beautiful photography. Where is your mind Hanna (maybe in the gutter)? What makes you think 12 to 14 year old girls will want to emulate these ladies. By the time 12 and 14 year olds are adult ladies, they too could be married and mothers as some of these models are. I am sure their families are proud of them. Also being a model for this calendar isn’t the reason for teenage pregnancy. The role model for teens should be set at home by a parent. I do not feel degraded or shamed by this calendar as you so believe all women in this community are. True beauty and attractiveness is defiantly shown in this calendar, a lot of work and planning. I have been associated with some part of rodeo and racing in Prineville for over 20 years, and believe me no part of this calendar will hurt the promotion of rodeo and racing in Crook County. My praise goes out to who ever came up with this classy calendar and then putting it together. Remember, some of the most famous art and paintings were done with live nude models, I am sure no one threw rocks at the artist or the models. The ladies that are models in this calendar are sisters, mothers, wives, daughters and business women and aren’t they beautiful. To expose yourself to the West only means put on your jeans and come to the rodeo and races —- a way of life. Gloria Simonis Prineville