>I called several community leaders to get an idea what they would like to see accomplished in Crook County during 2002. Here are their answers.
I called several community leaders to get an idea what they would like to see accomplished in Crook County during 2002. Here are their answers.
   Gary Ward, Director Crook County Parks and Recreation District:
   Would like to see an emphasis on getting more jobs to replace those we)ve recently lost. He explained without them everyone from the wage earners to the merchants and even the community volunteers suffer.
   Greg Lambert, Mid-Oregon Personnel Services:
   Would like to see the great community governmental services continued. He explained, after having applied for a building both Crook Deschutes Counties during the last year he was very impressed with the ability of the Crook County building department to work through the process efficiently. He said the process was slow and cumbersome in Deschutes County.
   Diane Bohle, Director of the Prineville/Crook County Chamber of Commerce:
   Would like to see a community web page, the City, County and Chamber of Commerce continuing to work together and fun events where the community comes together like they did at the recent Christmas Light Parade.
   Tony Ashcraft, Manager of Crestview Cable:
   Would like to see the forth-street extension project completed.
   Gary Peterson, Superintendent of Crook County School:
   Would like to see the reopening of Ochoco Lumber with either foreign or local timber. He explained Ochoco Lumber, along with the City of Prineville Railroad and Les Schwab, are at the core of the local economy.
   Gordon Gillespie, Director of the Bowman Museum:
   Would like to see the 4th Street Couplet completed with beautification of the adjacent park area.
   Would like to have someone give a million dollars to the museum's Endowment Fund.
   Donna Mohan, President of the Prineville/Crook County Chamber of Commerce and co-owner of the Posie Shoppe:
   Would like to see continuing revitalization of the downtown and continued cooperation between the City and County government.
   James Shank, Shank's Art & Book Gallery:
   Would like to see a variety of different types of stores in the downtown area.
   Would like to see investment in a convention center where businesses or organizations could meet and local events could be held.
   Mike Warren, Associates Real Estate:
   Would like to see the high school give the seniors more basic training on the issues of credit, housing, and the big ticket purchases.
   Would like to see a common sense approach to growth and expansion. He explained that with the current team of Henry Hartley, Dick Brown, Bill Zelenka and Scott Cooper in place we are pointed in the right direction.
   Todd Valley, President of Community First Bank:
   Would like to see the continued growth of Prineville. He explained Bend and Redmond will continue to be the economic engine that drives all of central Oregon, but people are not going to be able to or want to live there - they will and are choosing to live in Prineville.
   Would like to see economic development approached from a regional mind set. He explained it used to be that people in central Oregon lived where they worked - not true today.
   Ken Nelson, Trophy Development (Stone Ridge Homes):
   Would like to see a pleasing downtown that functions commercially.
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