the editor: I take my hat off to those local citizens who make a difference in our local community. No one really stops to think on how events are funded or why local business and civic groups, the Chamber, or Crooked River Roundup/Summerfest and churches do what they do to make a difference. I to am appalled at you local “Whiners and Snivelers,” at the jabs directed to The Crooked River Roundup, retail establishments, calendar girls, and sponsors, about their fund-raising efforts with selling of the 2002 Expose Yourself to the West Calendars. Do you realize, how much time, months of planning, and manpower it takes to put on an event? Such as the Crooked River Roundup. For those of you who do not know, it is because you have never donated a lick of your time to know. Or, you’re the derelict who shows up twenty minutes before an event to pound that last peg or wipe down that last table. Thus looking like you’re a key organizer. What a joke! Maybe you could donate some of your, “precious,” valuable time away from your job, business, family, friends, weekends and holidays to make a difference. Quit dwelling on what is or is not being done “correctly,” and you being the town sniveler, try to help make a difference. Maybe fry an egg or flip an occasional burger, help the Boys and Girls Club with the 331 kids they move around weekly, because they do not have a full time facility. Help the local veterans hang our nation’s flags on Memorial Day weekend before heading to the lake. Spearhead an event that will bring people to Prineville. Fill our motel rooms, eat at our restaurants and buy our local gifts, souvenirs, and gas. If your keen ideas and gripes are so grand then take charge. Bring your ideas to the table. Lets talk. “Quit your “Whining and Sniveling,” and make a difference. You seem not to whine so much while attending our town events. I, myself, thank all who are involved in our community, and I take my hat off to the board members of the 57th Annual Crooked River Roundup and their hard work to bring such an event to Prineville. Brett Nelson Resident Event Coordinator Prineville
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