the editor: Re: Hannah Garner’s letter: I am terribly sorry to hear or rather read that you will not support this “fund raiser” or the businesses that are selling it. The key word here is fund raiser, and as a fund raiser it is doing very well. We “shameful” and “degrading” women promoting this calendar have given many hours to our community “fund raiser” and we feel that, that is the kind of role model we are trying to be. As far as exposing ourselves, “Expose Yourself to the West” is the Roundup’s motto, we did not just decide to expose our selves for the heck of it. We took that motto and created an eye catching calendar to make money for our community. We “shameful and “degrading” women were not compensated in any way for our time or participation. It has taken hard work and lots of time to put this project together and make it work. We “shameful” and “degrading” women are very proud of our work. One point I will agree with you on is that “True Womanhood is shown by being attractive and having the character that accentuates it.” These women are both very attractive not only by their looks but by the heart and soul that they have within, and that is where the “character that accentuates” plays out. If you were to read the back of the calendar you would know that we are “the wives, mothers, sisters and daughters, all Americans of this small town in central Oregon.” We are committed to this project to raise money for our community not for personal benefit. This is our character, hard working women of a small community who give unselfishly of their time and creativity to make our town better. I am sorry that you find it shameful and degrading, but that is your right as an American. I am even more sorry that you would condemn the businesses that are trying to help our community. I will not apologize for the calendar, for that I am very proud of our work, however I will apologize to the businesses that will lose your support for their helping hand in our “fund raiser.” I hope that since you have condemned this project that maybe you could find, organize and give unselfishly of your time for a fund raiser of another type. “I” will gladly support any fund raiser for our community that you put as much effort into as we “shameful” and “degrading” women have. Rachel Carnahan Miss March, October & 3rd cover girl Prineville
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