the editor: Over the past few months we have heard a lot about how Sept. 11 has affected the number and kind of donations that have been received for local groups in need. Neighboring counties were unable to meet all their requests for assistance because their donations were down. I would like to make the community aware of the generous folks we have right here at home. The 21C Site Coordinators at the area schools help families, the year round, connect with resources that will help them be healthy and successful. This year during the holiday season the community helped create warm, happy holidays for more families than in previous years. Individuals called wanting children to “adopt”, filling needs for warm clothes, firewood and special requests. Several businesses pooled their funds and energy and purchased coats and sweats for more then 30 children. Church groups; 4-H groups; the “Crafty Ladies”; a lady from Alfalfa who wanted kids to have new bikes. The lady that didn’t even want us to know her name who brought hand-knitted mittens and hats to school. School staff that saw a need, and filled it. The Grizzly Mountain Long Rifle group, who themselves have not been treated very kindly with two break-ins in one year, twice this year donated the turkeys from their “turkey shoots” and collected canned goods instead of dues at meetings to donate to school families. The American Legion Auxiliary and Prineville Men’s Wear provide shoes for children all year long. Lutheran Brotherhood and Our Savior’s Lutheran Church collect and donate personal care items to meet urgent needs in our schools. Rachel Carnahan’s donation of haircuts at school, and I know there are many others that donate the year round to help support healthy, happy families in Crook County. The kindness and generosity of businesses and organizations in our community should inspire us all to further support them in their endeavors to survive, and grow. Shopping at home is not just a cliche, but a way for us all to show our support for a community where we take care of our own. Please join the 21C Site Coordinators, who work to find resources for families, in thanking all the folks that made our jobs very rewarding this year. Ida Settlemyer, John Campbell, Jodie Mangum, Silvia Scherer, Darcy Bedortha, Melody Bustillos 21st Century School Initiative
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