level of volunteerism in Prineville is one of the many positive things that sets this community apart from other rural cities.
   When a need arises, the residents of Prineville generally seem to find a way to rise to the occasion.
   Whether it's organization of the Crooked River Roundup, the Crook County Fair, or raising funds for the Boys and Girls Club, volunteers have made each of those tasks an achievable reality.
   Once again, the call is going out to you, the community.
   The Meals on Wheels program is in need of drivers.
   This program, which currently has 24 drivers, needs at least six more - and the need is somewhat urgent.
   The Senior Center is due to re-open next month following a several-month remodeling project. When that happens, it is expected that the need for the home-delivered meals will increase again.
   For many of the recipients of the home-delivered meals, it may be the best meal they eat all day, and the driver may be one of the few people they talk to.
   Therefore, if you have the time, we encourage you to support the Meals on Wheels program by volunteering as a driver.
   The good food that you will deliver is important, but the good will you will deliver is invaluable.
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