neville residents and others are now enjoying the new, open bridge on Main Street.
   As Ron Kleinschmit, a private consultant working for the city pointed out, efforts by Cascade Natural Gas paid off.
   "No complaints at all," Kleinschmit said. "They really had their act together. They were in and out."
   "The gas company realized how important this bridge project was and that the bridge open on time," Kleinschmit added.
   This is an example of how utilities should work with local government.
   Now the City of Prineville and QWest officials are attempting to come to an agreement so that QWest)s utilities are placed in a location that)s out of sight. Kleinschmit said six, four-inch conduits of QWest)s are underneath the bridge. He added that QWest employees are supposed to move their existing power lines into the new ones and then decommission old facilities.
   After repeated efforts to get QWest to move the utilities, the city and the company are in stalled talks and QWest seems to have come onlyso far in moving the utilities.
   We hope the talks between the City of Prineville and QWest are productive and that QWest can see the need to move the facilities.
   Productive talks are the key in the next few weeks, so that the utilities can be moved and that both parties are satisfied with the outcome. It)s key that QWest officials try to compromise with the city on placement of the phone utilities.
   Shelby Case
   for the editorial board
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