proposed Bend Trap Club goes back to the Crook County Planning Commission tomorrow night.
   We believe that the project will help enhance sporting, recreational opportunities, provided the proper conditions are placed on it.
   The Bend Trap Club would be built one mile east of Millican Road, and the club is attempting to purchase 633 acres, 80 of which would be dedicated to the complex. According to club president Dano Saarinen, their facilities would take up about eight acres.
   Neighboring ranchers and other residents believe the trap club would affect their livestock and have expressed concerns that noise from the shooting would affect their cattle's weight.
   During deliberations so far, the trap club's organizers seem more than willing to work with the neighbors and address their concerns. The club has also consulted with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife regarding the club's impact on surrounding wildlife and it appears that ODFW's concerns have been properly addressed. Also, the club is willing to move clay fields during the winter months, showing more compromise on its part.
   We do agree with some neighbors who want the trap club closed during the winter months. This would provide neighbors and their livestock more peace and calm. Saarinen said he does not want to close the club down for the winter months, saying it takes a lot of practice to be an accomplished target shooter. But closing the club down during the wintertime might go a long way toward addressing neighbors' concerns.
   If the proper, stringent conditions are placed on the trap club, we believe the club would make a good addition to Crook County and that the conditions might alleviate some of the neighbors' concerns.
   Shelby Case
   for the editorial board
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