Crook County Parks and Recreation department has filed for a conditional use permit with the City of Prineville to remove the brown maintenance building on the corner of Elm and 5 1/2 St. and replace it with a 1986 manufactured home.
   According to Maureen Crawford, the director of the Crook County Parks and Recreation department, the main office would stay where it is.
   "The building we would bring in would replace the maintenance shop," Crawford said.
   If the permit is approved, the department would like to move the existing building, replace it with the manufactured home, and convert part of the space into a parking lot.
   The current building is not ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessible and Crawford believes the department has outgrown the building.
   However, the brown maintenance shop may qualify as a historical building.
   "That shop was actually moved there many years ago by the City of Prineville. I heard it was put on skids and they moved it on the snow," Crawford said.
   The City of Prineville Planning Department has received one phone call and one letter in opposition of moving the manufactured home on the property.
   A public meeting will be held on Jan. 4 at 7 p.m. to air resident's concerns.
   The 1986 manufactured home was donated to the parks and recreation department.
   However, another person's trash is not always someone else's treasure.
   The aging facility would be stationed directly across from the "Wildland Firefighters Monument" and the "Circle of Honor" veterans memorial in Ochoco Creek Park. The area is also next to the bike path, new duplexes and apartments, and blocks away from where the brand-new Prineville City Hall is being built.
   Business owners in the community have also done their part by revamping, repainting, and restructuring their buildings to complement the town's aesthetic qualities.
   The City of Prineville and Crook County Parks and Recreation department need to work together to find an adequate solution to this problem.
   We believe for the location the building is in, the Crook County Parks and Recreation should leave the existing shop as is until a better solution is reached that more accurately reflects the revitalization of Prineville.
   We sympathize and understand that the current shop is not adequate for the department, but the proposed facility would be an eyesore for Prineville residents and is not the answer.
   It may cost more in the long run, but we need a long term solution to help Prineville be all that it can be, not a quick fix.
   Michelle Bertalot
   for the editorial board
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