Work finishes on new Hanes Building

by: LORI KIIMBEL/CENTRAL OREGONIAN - The new Hanes Building is open for business. Shown from left to right are Coby Hanes, Amber Russell, Kelli Baumer and Holly Hanes, who are part of Hanes Chiropractic Clinic.

Coby Hanes is now doing business out of the new Hanes Building located on the corner of 3rd and Deer Streets.
   "I wanted to build a building that looked like it had always been here," said Hanes. "There was some extra expense for brick, but 100 years from now it will still look like a nice building. The response has been overwhelming."
   The Hanes Building was designed by Scott Steele and Associates Architects based out of Bend. Gary Gunville was the primary architect on the project. Steele and Associates are a prominent architecture company in Central Oregon. They designed the Sister's school, the Deschutes County Fairgrounds as well as many other central Oregon businesses and facilities.
   There are various sizes of office space to choose from in the Hanes Building at the street level. Hanes Chiropractic is located in the top floor.
   In addition to six exam/adjusting rooms, there is also a massage therapy suite and an X-ray room, and a room for detox foot baths.
   "The digital X-ray will be the most advanced technology in Prineville," said Hanes. Digital X-rays are also safer than traditional X-rays.
   Coldwave laser treatment is also available. Hanes Chiropractic is one in only a handful of clinics in Oregon that offer Coldwave laser treatments. Hanes will demonstrate the Coldwave laser in his health classes.
   "I wanted my patients to have a place to go where they would feel pampered and very comfortable," said Hanes. He is a Prineville native and has been practicing chiropractic care for almost 10 years.
   "It is nice to come back to my hometown and build a clientele that is loyal. We couldn't have done this without the patients," said Hanes. Hanes is planning on teaching classes on nutrition, health and wellness topics. "I feel like it is my responsibility to educate my patients so they don)t have to take drugs and have operations. One of our goals is to educate and empower our patients to make good health care choices, so they don't have to spend their retirement on health care expenses. It has been great to get the building finished."