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   The Prineville City Planning Commission approved a conditional use permit last Tuesday for the Crook County Parks and Recreation department.
   The parks department will move or destroy the brown maintenance shop on the corner of 5 1/2 and Elm Street and replace it with a 1986 manufactured home.
   The permit received a 5-2 vote, with Chairman Marty Bailey, and commissioner member Phil Horton voting in opposition.
   A resident who lives next to the proposed location spoke out in opposition at the meeting.
   Commissioners asked the department to fence landscaping materials behind the existing facility and keep the materials below the fence line.
   The commission also requested that the parks department put a sight-obscuring fence on the manufactured home's southside. Officials ordered if the fence is a slated fence, that the slates should be in earth tones on the southern border of the property.
   Duane Garner, maintenance shop supervisor, mentioned at the meeting that a pine tree on the property would be cut down to make room for parking.
   The commissioners discussed whether the parks department should be required to put in a sidewalk after 5 1/2 Street is paved, but decided to address that after the street is paved.
   According to Public Works Director Jim Mole, 5 1/2 Street is scheduled to be paved during the early summer months.
   Commission member Paul Cuddy asked department officials if they had considered selling the property and moving the manufactured home to a different location. Parks and Recreation officials responded that they had not considered moving the shop, due to its close proximity to county parks.
   Commissioner Horton was concerned with the age of the manufactured home.
   "I don't think we want a 30-year manufactured home on city or county property," he said.
   Officials from the Crook County Parks and Recreation department hope to move the existing maintenance shop because they have out-grown it and the building is not ADA accessible.
   "It is an uncomfortable shop, to say the least," said Jeannie Searcy, administrative assistant for the parks department.
   Department officials plan on adding an ADA accessible ramp to the manufactured home.
   The parks department also plans on improving the exterior of the 1986 manufactured home.
   According to Garner, the building will be used more as an "office area" and "employee lunch area" than a shop.
   "We plan to repaint the manufactured home and clean it up. It will look a little different than in the photograph," said Garner.
   According to Searcy, in the past the existing facility was school house off of Johnson Creek Road.
   The existing building is not classified as a historic building.
   In November 1969, the brown building was moved on skids for the Boys and Girls Club of America from the previous location on Johnson Creek Road to 5 1/2 and Elm Streets.
   "It is not in any historical state," said Searcy. She listed that the building has been modified for its various uses in the past. A sliding door and window have been installed into the existing facility, the fireplace has been blocked off, and exposed wiring for electricity runs throughout the building.
   "It is an old structure and has been modified quite a bit," said Garner.
   In previous statements, Maureen Crawford, director of the department, was interested in converting the maintenance shop back to a school house.
   At Tuesday's meeting, department officials took a different stance.
   "As Duane said, it would take a huge amount of effort to convert it back to an old school building," said Searcy, referring to Garner.
   Searcy and Garner explained that the parks department does not have the funds for the project and could only do so with community partnerships.
   The Crook County Parks and Recreation department is a separate entity from Crook County government and the City of Prineville and does not receive funds from either entity.
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