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Perhaps you noticed the First Baby of the Year photograph in the Tuesday, Jan. 11, issue of the Central Oregonian at the bottom of pg. 1. Newspapers typically publish a photo and information of the first baby of each year. Like publishing a wrap up of the winners of the county fair, it's simply tradition and is one more article parents can put up on their refrigerators.
   But this year there were notable pieces of information that were unfortunately left out- namely the baby's name, age, gender, the parents names and towns they are from and even what day the child was born.
   It becomes a question of why even publish the photo in the first place if such information is not released.
   But according to Leslie Thornton of the Pioneer Memorial Hospital, it was at the mother's request to leave out pertinent information. The mother only gave permission to the hospital for use of the image.
   Sometimes newspapers, in an attempt to cover traditional topics, get caught up in the rules and regulations of our society. It's an unfortunate reality of the business.
   Shelby Case
   fpr the editorial board
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