There are a number of challenges in Crook County for citizens and agencies to deal with _ methamphetamine addiction, the decline of the timber industry and unemployment.
   Add hunger to the list because it's also one of the most prevalent problems in Oregon.
   But state employees, to their credit, are helping stamp out hunger and so can you.
   It's time again for the Annual Governor's Food Drive sponsored by state employees. State workers need your contribution to help combat hunger in Central Oregon and your contribution is tax deductible. When state workers receive your contribution, they will send you a receipt with the tax identification number on it. Please make your check out to DHS Volunteer Services. All donations go to the local food bank, St. Vincent dePaul for Crook County. For each dollar donated, that equals six pounds of food.
   It's important that we all do what we can to combat hunger. In a society such as ours that calls itself civilized, no one should have to go to sleep without a roof over their head, warm clothing and good food in their bodies.
   Prineville and Crook County residents have giving hearts. We hope you can help state employees by dropping off your canned foods, cash or checks to: Department of Human Services, 1495 NE 3rd St., directly behind the Apple Peddler. For more information, please call 447-3851, ext. 218 for Marti or ext. 427 for Valerie.
   You'll be glad you made the effort to help the less fortunate.
   Shelby Case
   for the editorial board