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   On Thursday morning, Rick Knode resigned from his position as the Crook County High School principal.
   According to Steve Swisher, Crook County School District superintendent, Knode resigned for personal reasons and to "think about retiring."
   "Basically, he just needs some time to reflect and think about really retiring," he continued.
   "I was told there were some personnel issues and personal issues, which are all confidential," stated Steve Caraway, Crook County School Board chair.
   Knode was not able to be reached by press time.
   Last school year (2003-04), was the former principal's first year at CCHS.
   "This was something Rick felt he had to do immediately and I supported that action," the superintendent stated.
   The untimely, swift resignation leaves students, community members, and school board chair Caraway, puzzled.
   "Last time I talked to him he seemed happy being here... so I'm kind of at a loss," Caraway said.
   Until the district hires an interim principal, Rich Schultz, personnel director for the school district, will fill the principal position.
   "Rich has experience in the high school as well as being a middle school principal and is very able to step in and keep things going," said Swisher.
   "He's just sitting in for a few days, and will continue to be our personnel director until we get an interim in place," he continued.
   The superintendent plans on searching for an interim principal immediately, with the goal of finding a candidate within the next week.
   "We are going to work with a couple of sources, but we are looking at the interim principal pool to fill (the position) from now until the end of the year," said Swisher.
   "That person, most likely, won't come from the school district, and definitely won't be any of our high school staff at this point," he continued.
   Swisher said the school district will start a full search process for a permanent principal in the spring.
   "There will be high school staff, and community involvement for that process," said Swisher.
   "Next year, we will have a new principal at the high school," he continued.
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