The Crook County Fair Board is considering changing the date of the county fair next year to the second week in August.
   For several reasons, we would encourage the board to leave the fair dates as they are.
   For one thing, student athletes are able to finished their 4-H projects prior to daily double practices begin.
   Having the fair in July means there is also time for family vacations. For youth who raise livestock for the fair, a summer family vacation is a respite from the busy schedule of preparing for the fair.
   One key question that was asked at the last fair board meeting was why the board was considering changing the fair date in the first place.
   Board chairman Von Thompson said this was a suggestion that came up at a previous fair board meeting. Another reason is that some folks are out of spending money before they get to the fair, given the back-to-back Rockhound PowWow, parimutuel horse races, rodeo and other events that are held during Prineville's busy summer months.
   Also, if the fair was moved to the second week in August, that would not leave high school athletes time for daily double sports practices.
   Moving the fair date would also make it tough on children who have year-rounding breeding projects. If the board moves the fair date, they will not have time to sell their projects or offspring.
   There are many pros and cons to moving the fair date. According to Fair Board Chairman Von Thompson, one pro is that moving the fair date would mean youth would have more time to prepare their livestock for the state fair.
   The board will take up the date question again at its next meeting on Feb. 15 at 6:30 p.m. We would encourage the board to keep the fair date in July and help out livestock families and other fair participants.
   Shelby Case
   for the editorial board
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