As the City of Prineville attempts to deal with growth from subdivisions and determines where to put traffic signals and stop signs in the next few years, a prime candidate for a stop sign or other traffic control device would be North Main and Peters Road.
   "Main and Peters are both heavily traveled roads," said Prineville Police Chief Eric Bush.
   "I wouldn't go so far as to call it a dangerous intersection," Bush added, saying however that it is a quite busy intersection.
   Indeed it is busy.
   The Prineville Police Department recently reviewed the statistics for traffic accidents in the last two years at the intersection. In that time, there were eight motor vehicle accidents. Bush said six resulted in property damage only and were non-injury. One of the six involved a hit deer.
   "The others were vehicle versus vehicle r vehicle versus solid objects and two were injury accidents," Bush added.
   In fact, there were two accidents at the intersection in January.
   "The intersection has always been a little bit problematic because of the way it's laid out," he said. The road narrows or widens depending on which direction a driver is headed and the railroad tracks are in close proximity to the intersection. Bush said another factor leading to increased traffic are drivers headed to and from the North Ridge and Stone Brook subdivisions.
   Drivers should give themselves plenty of time to get to their destination, he cautioned.
   "And use that extra time to slow down and give that intersection a second look...." he added.
   Bush said anything that could potentially slow traffic down would help, including a stop sign, reduced speed sign or stop light.
   We agree. The city should consider installing a traffic control device at the intersection to help keep drivers and their passengers safe. More homes are being built in subdivisions, adding to the population in north Prineville. We believe the time for city action is now.
   Shelby Case
   for the editorial board