I attended two basketball games last night in Mitchell, as the Loggers took on the Spray Eagles.
   And a question I've always had revolves around the female mascot for high school sports teams.
   The boys at Mitchell are the Loggers. The girls are the Lady Loggers.
   I've always been confused by this, because I didn't know being a "Logger" automatically meant you were a guy.
   And not to make it look like I'm picking on Mitchell, but at my high school, we were the "Dolphins" (laugh if you must). But the girls were the "Lady Dolphins". To me, this never made sense. Are all dolphins male? Better yet, are all dolphins male unless stated otherwise?
   With Crook County, it just makes sense: the Cowboys and the Cowgirls.
   Now, let's take probably the greatest mascot in Oregon, in my opinion: the Tillamook Cheesemakers.
   I'm not sure how they say it in Tillamook, but to make my point, just imagine if the girls basketball team was the Tillamook Lady Cheesemakers, because, yeah know, all cheesemakers are men.
   While we're at it, why not the Dude Cheesemakers for the boys basketball team?
   I'm not against adding the "Lady" to teams if that's what they want to be called, I just feel a dolphin is a dolphin and a cheesemaker is a cheesemaker.
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