h the announcement of Les Schwab Inc.'s decision to move their corporate offices to Bend, the reaction has been varied depending upon whom you talk to.
   But regardless of how we all feel, the decision has been made and it's time to look to the future.
   And again, despite how we may feel now, the future doesn't look all that bad.
   Take the recent announcement by the City of Prineville of their acceptance of $2 million in Connect Oregon funds which will be used to implement Phase 1 of the Prineville Freight Depot Economic Redevelopment Project.
   Once completed, Prineville and the City of Prineville Railroad will have positioned themselves as a major central Oregon hub for freight traffic. Properly marketed, this can only help to diversify and boost the economies of Prineville and Crook County.
   And if that isn't enough, simply consider how many new businesses have opened within the last year. Every type of business from Mom-and-Pop stores to corporate giants have made the decision that investing in the business community here is a good idea.
   Is Prineville disappointed in Les Schwab Inc.'s decision? Undoubtedly.
   However, we should be grateful for the hundreds of jobs that Les Schwab will continue to provide in Crook County. This should also serve as a reminder of how important a diverse economic base is to a community such as ours.
   Continued vigilance in achieving that economic diversity is the only way to continue to improve this place that we all call home.
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