Students at Crook County Middle School dressed up for a hippie festival on June 8, which focused on change, literature, and the 1960s

by: SHELBY CASE/CENTRAL OREGONIAN - In the photograph above, Stevie Musil (left) played the character of Wendy and Tatiana Jorgenson (right) played Tinkerbelle in

Shades of the 1960s were present June 8 at Crook County Middle School during the first Wordstock.
   Seventh-graders dressed up like hippies for the event, which focused on literature, change and the 1960s.
   "The theme of the evening was (change,)" said language arts teacher Wendy Weber. "The teachers hoped the evening would reflect the experiences of students at this age. We had many ways for students to share their experiences with literature. There were posters, book hike projects, trifold displays, a poetry slam and an interactive living museum."
   Music from the Beach Boys and other bands that were popular in the 1960s played in the background, as about 500 seventh-graders and their families examined each literature exhibit.
   "The aim of the evening was to invite families to join us in an evening that celebrated student work in school and to expand our learning community to include the whole family," said Weber.
   This was a project for the seventh-grade group of educators, which consists of language arts teachers Tina Dunaway and Weber, math teachers Sue Gregory and Blaine Braithwaite, social studies teachers Chris Felton and Diana Castro, science instructors Tawnya Lane and Mike Geisen and resource teacher David Webb.
   "They've done one per trimester," said CCMS Principal Rocky Miner. In the fall trimester, students put together a science fair. During the second trimester, students and staff organized a castle night, complete with catapults. The end of the school year was for Wordstock.
   "All of the teachers were proud of the projects students created and we enjoyed having another opportunity to interact with them and their families," Weber said.
   There was also a contest for the best 1960s costumes. Teresa Davis, MacKenzie Middaugh's mother, won the adult contest and she took home a John Lennon DVD. The student winner was Jaymie Reed, with her matching vest and bell-bottoms "in a bold flower motif," Weber added. She won the "Hoodwinked" DVD.
   "We're looking forward to all three family nights again next year; the night of electric creations for science, castle night for social studies and Wordstock for language arts," the teacher said.
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