>Reservations, information Crook County Dial-a-Ride provided 653 rides over the three month period ending in March 2006. The average from that period is 217 rides per month. For ride reservations and information please call: Cascades East Ride Center: 541-385-8680 Toll free: 1-866-385-8680
Crook County Dial-a-Ride users may now purchase their rides in bulk.
   Seniors and disabled riders may now utilize a 10-ride punch card instead of paying for each trip individually.
   Punch cards are available directly from the bus driver, or at the county administrative office in the courthouse, said Andrew Spreadborough, program administrator with Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council, the operators of the service.
   "It's a more convenient way to purchase rides," Spreadborough said. "Particularly for folks who are buying rides for others."
   The idea for the system was to provide a pass system to allow an easier way for families, clinics, organizations, or people who would rather buy their tickets in bulk.
   Crook County and COIC worked together to provide the service after hearing from the community that children and other caregivers who are not eligible for the Dial-a-Ride service would like to be able to buy tickets for those who are.
   Also, Spreadborough said organizations that may be working with clients that need convenient rides to a location, such as the Department of Human Services and the community college, had requested ticket packages.
   Crook County Dial-a-Ride recently expanded their coverage area from five miles of downtown Prineville to an eight mile radius of downtown.
   Spreadborough said his agency had received requests from riders outside the service area, particularly in Juniper Canyon, though the eight miles does not encompass all of Juniper Canyon.
   "It makes it easier for folks that live up there to connect with the Dial-a-Ride system," he said.
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