PST squeaks by competition at Burns meet

Swim team takes first for fourth consecutive time this season
Extreme heat and some late scratches proved to give the Prineville Swim Team some problems at the High Desert Invitational swim meet last weekend as the team narrowly defeated host Burns for their fourth first place finish in as many meets this season.
   The PST defeated High Desert (Burns) by a score of 748.5 to 711.5, a difference of 37 points.
   Some of the problems for the PST were out of their control. One problem was late scratches, as Coach John Stewart expected 73 swimmers at Burns, but only 68 showed up.
   Stewart also said that regulation pool temperatures for swim meets is about 77 to 78 degrees. However, the temperature in the pool at Burns hit 84 degrees.
   "It was so hot there, we were pouring water on the starting blocks before the kids stepped up," he said. "Most of the kids added time. They did not swim very well as far as times go.
   "The water was 84 degrees, and that's real warm water to swim a race in. I think that added to the kids' times. They looked like they didn't have all their energy swimming."
   Nonetheless, despite slower times for some of the swimmers, the PST managed to set three pool records at the High Desert meet.
   Kellie Foley set a pool record in the 200-meter freestyle for 13-14 girls with a time of 2:33.98. Zach Senner timed a 36.53 record time in the boys 6 and under 25-meter backstroke, while the boys 8 and under freestyle relay team - which included Jacob Hehn, Nash Porfily, Carson Raymond, and Liam Pickhardt - set a pool record time of 1:15.60.
   The relay teams for the PST picked up nine first place finishes out of 21 relay races.
   High point individually went to Leslie Foley with six first place finishes while Michelly Foley and Clark Woodward each added three top spot finishes apiece. Senner, Tobi Hanes, Maxwell and Caitlynn Fahlgren, Caleb Parrott, Samantha Pepper, Kellie Foley, and Nic Jones each added a first place finish and seven points to the team's total.
   While temperatures climbed as high as 106 degrees on Saturday, heating the pool as well as the starting blocks, it was also the home meet for Burns, providing them with a full team of swimmers and narrow lead for the PST to grasp.
   "That's why the points were so close," Stewart said. "It was Burns' home meet so they had every kid swimming."
   This week, John Day will have every kid swimming as the PST travels there for a conference meet, their final meet before the Cascade East District Championships on August 4-6 in John Day. Stewart expects approximately 53 swimmers to attend.