Cowgirls win, Cowboys lose

The Crook County Cowgirls defeated Eagle Point on Friday night, 68-43.
   It was an impressive victory for the Cowgirls, who, after a slow start in the first half, took care of business in the second. Down 26-23 at the half, Jessica Lea led the charge for the Cowgirls coming out in the third quarter. Lea scored 10 points in the first five minutes in the third quarter, eventually drawing double teams from Eagle Point.
   Those double teams on Lea, however, would routinely open up a Cowgirl under the basket for an easy score.
   The Cowgirls outscored Eagle Point 45-17 in the second half.
   Today, Saturday, the Cowboys fell to the West Linn Lions 61-57 at home. The Cowboys, who finished the game 7 of 16 from the free-throw line, started off slow and did not hit a shot until five minutes into the game. Meanwhile, West Linn opened up a 13-0 lead.
   However, the Cowboys played well and battled back. They never led in the game -- only tied once -- but if you increase the free-throw percentage, and you take away the slow start at the beginning of the game, the Cowboys probably would have won that matchup.
   As for the Cowgirls, they played at a surprisingly faster tempo than last season -- at least in their first game. In the third quarter, after a turnover or a rebound, they would push the ball down the floor -- sometimes with just one pass -- and find an open Cowgirl before Eagle Point could get back on defense.
   Both teams play Redmond Tuesday.