District grateful for letter on water issues

To the editor:

I want to thank Mrs. Slack for letting us know that water was pooling on the athletic fields near her home (“Overwatering of school field concerns neighbor,” Aug. 28).

It was likely that a pipe had not been moved and caused the problem she reported. We would like to apologize for any discomfort this caused and have discussed with our maintenance department how to improve monitoring water usage in these areas.

Mrs. Slack’s letter also provides us with an opportunity to explain how the school district waters and maintains its athletic fields in general.

We save money by not watering parts of a field in the late spring and summer, and letting the grass go dormant. In late summer, those areas receive a “deep watering,” which kicks them out of dormancy and readies the grass for use by the beginning of the school year. This practice can result in some pooling and continuous sprinkler use.

If others have questions or concerns involving the school district, I encourage you to contact my office directly at 503-981-2727. Our students benefit from your involvement and participation.

Chuck Ransom


Woodburn School District

Citizen calls attention to city salaries

To the editor:

I was wondering if the families of city employees Scott Derickson and Jason Horton could live on $11.84 an hour and enjoy their todays as they do now (See “Salaries cut, but city employees keep their jobs” in the Sept. 11, 2013 issue).

If the recent no cause firing of Mr. Dan Brown says anything, I’d bet they’re finagling a way to divide up his pay to get their raises this year.

Arnold Ponce


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