by: PHIL HAWKINS - CAPACES and city leaders unveil the last uncovered portion of the public art mural project that had been in the works since July. The multi-facade panel is viewable outside the CAPACES Leadership Institute building at 356 Young St. in Woodburn. After months of work and hundreds of hours from countless volunteers, CAPACES Leadership Institute unveiled its new mural Saturday to dozens of onlookers.

The mural, which spans portions of the building’s exterior walls near downtown Woodburn, was designed by Juanishi Orosco, a muralist from Sacramento. Orosco helped found the Royal Chicano Air Force, a California-based art collective, and has been a central figure in the West Coast Chicano art scene for decades.

In July, Orosco began work on the CAPACES mural and was assisted by many volunteers and staff members to finish the colorful project.

On Saturday, CAPACES board members and volunteers addressed the crowd who showed up to observe the final project.

“This is so important because each person put a little of themselves into this mural,” said Maria Saldana, a student from McKay High School in Salem who assisted with the painting.

Laura Isiordia, executive director of CAPACES, thanked the support of city leaders, including mayor Kathy Figley, councilors Frank Lonergan and Jim Cox and economic and development director Jim Hendryx.

“This is a big moment,” she said. “This is a family.”

While the majority of the mural was open to the public before Saturday’s event, as part of the ceremony, Isiordia and others waited to unveil a covered portion of the mural that depicted Hispanic workers and their agricultural working background in Woodburn and Marion County.

“This is only a small portion of the people who have come and helped on this mural,” Saldana said to the crowd. “We’ve had more than 100 people touch these walls.”

CAPACES is a non-profit organization that was founded to prepare leaders with the political consciousness and capacity needed to lead and support social justice work.

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