by: FILE PHOTO - The city of Mount Angel will discuss Monday whether to create an ordinance allowing poultry in city limits. A sizable majority of Mount Angel residents are in favor of allowing chickens inside city limits, according to a survey released by the city Wednesday.

Roughly three out of four of the roughly 50 respondents said they supported allowing people to keep chickens. Fifty-four percent were in favor of the city allowing residents to keep chickens outright, or without a permit.

But 94 percent of those polled feel that the city should place limits on the number of chickens allowed in the small rural town. Most people felt about six was an appropriate number.

“If people want chickens then they should live in the country,” wrote one respondent to the survey, which is viewable on the city’s website,

“They should be confined, not allowed to roam,” wrote another.

While chickens in general were popular in the survey, roosters were not. Forty-one out of 50, or 82 percent, were opposed to allowing roosters in city limits.

The Mount Angel City Council will review whether to create an ordinance allowing poultry in city limits in a workshop-style meeting Monday at 7 p.m. in the library community room at 290 E. Charles St. The public is invited.

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