by: FILE PHOTO - Four members of the Donald Community Association (From left) - Rick Zacher, Frank Stormo, Walter Pohlschneider and Todd Deaton, are being sued to return dozens of assets, including this 1944 Ford fire truck. The Aurora Rural Fire Protection District # 63 filed suit Sept. 17 in Marion County Circuit Court alleging that past members of the former Donald Firefighters Association transferred dozens of assets into a new group called the Donald Community Association at the end of last year.

The fire district and District 63 Firefighters Association make five claims against the DCA, including breach of contract, breach of financial duties and unjust enrichment. In total, the district is seeking $53,752 in property value, cash and attorney’s fees.

At the heart of the squabble is a 1944 Ford fire truck, which the fire district valued at $25,000. The district alleges that DCA members retained ownership of the truck just prior to their association’s dissolution in December 2012.

Donald Community Association members listed in the suit are: George (Frank) Stormo, Todd Deaton, Ocey Grant, Walter Pohlschneider, Kim Kirkwood, Jon Benson and Rick Zacher.

Stormo said he has not yet been served the suit and declined to comment on the advice of an attorney.

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