The man who shot David Ramon and endangered six other people in a Woodburn apartment complex in February has pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 150 months in prison. by: FILE PHOTO - Juan Limas

Juan Limas, 21, of Woodburn, shot Ramon once in the chest at the Stonehedge Apartments on North Front Street. Ramon made a full recovery.

He also fired several rounds, including six that could have injured or killed six other people in the apartment complex.

Sentencing included 90 months in prison for attempted murder and 60 months for unlawful use of a weapon, said Doug Prince, deputy district attorney for Marion County.

“He had targeted one victim, but he hit apartments beyond the person he was intending to kill,” Prince said.

Both the 90-month and 60-month sentences are mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines, meaning Limas will have no chance for parole, Prince said.

“He will have post-prison supervision after he is out, but he won’t be able to be released earlier than the total,” he said.

Police investigators had been able to identify Limas as the shooter based on a witness description from the scene and an officer’s observation of Limas before the shooting happened, said Scott Russell, chief of the Woodburn Police Department.

“One of our officers had seen him earlier, fitting that description,” Russell said. “He had a unique hat and clothing that he was wearing. We had had contact with him before.”

Limas was assisted by two others during the shooting – Eduardo Garcia of Woodburn and Marlyn Soriano of Salem. Both were arrested and charged with attempted murder, assault and tampering with physical evidence, according to reports at the time.

Garcia, 19, will have a status hearing Nov. 6. Soriano, who was 17 at the time, was referred to the Juvenile Department.

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