For five years now, I have been wondering which of the positive things Obama promised for America would come true. As it turns out, all of his actions and rhetoric have been fruitless posturing. Americans have been duped and if they don’t get it yet, they are living in wonderland.

What was wrong with America five years ago? Was it so bad that we needed someone to put us down and tell us we don’t deserve success and can’t make our own life decisions? We have been very blessed in this country, and we are losing everything we have loved and wanted preserved. How long are we going to take this from this inept administration?

We were promised jobs and a growing economy. Instead, we watched our money be wasted on failed “green” start-up companies and our deficit be expanded beyond comprehension. The only “shovel ready” aspect of the promised jobs was the shovel used to cover up their demise soon after their creation. The “cash for clunkers” program did little to benefit the car industry or the country.

Many received free cellphones (some a dozen each) at our expense and food stamp issuance was the major growth in our economy. 

The cornerstone of this administration was meant to be the Affordable Care Act. Instead, it has all appearances of becoming the tombstone. Every day the administration’s forecasts fall flat and it’s apparent it won’t be affordable or provide the care we previously had as people lose their coverage and their doctors. It was a bad law that nobody read, nobody understood and nobody will be able to effectively manage.   

Do you know what I miss? I miss my country as it was before. I miss a real statesman as president who loves America, who promotes how great it is, who wants Americans to succeed and to have pride in their country. Our allies are disappointed in us, and I am sick at heart that we have let them down in favor of dictator-controlled countries that hate us.   

I seldom hear about patriotism anymore and reverence for our military. What we are seeing is a profound dislike and disrespect for them. More and more we are falling into a government controlled and government dependence mode of living. We are being watched by our own government and treated as the enemy if we don’t agree with them.

I just don’t understand why Americans are not fighting back for our country. Why have so many become so apathetic? You are taking a lot for granted that you are in danger of losing. There is no country like America, but we have to nurture and protect it. You have the right to vote, and many in history fought for your right to vote. That is your weapon. Don’t ever waste it again listening to empty promises and vague ideologies. 

We have big battles ahead to stop Obama-care, Common Core, sustainability and the illegal immigrant situation. They, too, have a responsibility to know how our country works and to help us protect it. We are charitable and generous but we have to make the United States of America come first.

God bless America.

 Gale Gipson is a resident of Lake Oswego.

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