by: NIKKI DEBUSE - North Marion's Crystal Apple winners, shown with Superintendent Boyd Keyser (far left) include Carolyn Boitano, Sara Bailey, Kelly Ioane and Michael Lippmann.Crystal Apple Award winners:

• Mark Terpin, Chemeketa Community College, teacherby: NIKKI DEBUSE - Woodburn Health Center hosted the annual Crystal Apple Awards, which saw a special award given to Gervais Superintendent Rick Hensel by Harry Lee Kwai.

• Tim Bowman, Gervais High School, teacher

• Margaret Krauss, Gervais Elementary School, teacher

• Adam Vasas, Gervais?High School, teacher

• Susan Eyerly, Lord High School, support staff

• Tammy Halderman, Lord High School, registrar

• Mike Orias, Lord High School, teacher

• Sara Bailey, North Marion High School, teacher

• Carolyn Boitano, North Marion Intermediate School, teacher

• Kelly Ioane, North Marion High School, teacher

• Michael Lippmann, North Marion High School, teacher

• Adrian Tapia, North Marion Middle School, instructional assistant

• Becky Williams, St. Luke School, teacher

• Brea Cohen, Academy of International Studies, teacher

• Nuria Ellis, Heritage Elementary School, teacher

• Mike Grubb, Woodburn High School, head custodian

• Mario Juarez, Lincoln Elementary School, educational assistant

• Kathy Kuftin, Heritage Elementary School, teacherby: NIKKI DEBUSE - Crystal Apples were awarded to Woodburn educators (from left) Nuria Ellis, Kathy Kuftin and Juan Larios.

• Roxanne LaForce, Valor Middle School, teacher

• Juan Larios, Washington Elementary School, principal

• Veronica Montes, Academy of International Studies, teacher

• Nabor Piña, French?Prairie Middle School, teacher

• Brandi Tweedle, French?Prairie Middle School, special education assistant

• Elinor Watts, Woodburn?Arthur Academy, teacher.

• Special award recipients are Gervais Superintendent Rick Hensel and former Lord High School Principal Scott Harris.

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