Oregon will find out its postseason destination tonight

It's selection Sunday for the Oregon football program. There is still a slim chance the Ducks could receive an invitation to the Orange Bowl or the Sugar Bowl tonight. The BCS selection show will air at 5:30 p.m. on ESPN. Northern Illinois' loss to Bowling Green in the MAC championship game opened up an extra at-large spot. Oregon (12th in BCS standings, 10-2 record) is competing with Oklahoma State (6th, 10-2), Clemson (13th, 10-2) and Oklahoma (17th, 10-2) for a seat at the big kids' table. The ACC has a strong relationship with the Orange Bowl, and the Big 12 will have a partnership with the Sugar Bowl in the College Football Playoff era, so it will be a political upset for the Ducks to be invited to either. Most likely: Oregon will make its first appearance in the Alamo Bowl on Dec. 30 in San Antonio against a Big 12 opponent (Oklahoma, Oklahoma State or Texas). "They've been in BCS bowls and people have seen them on TV all year a long," Rick Hill, the Alamo Bowl's vice president of marketing and communications, said of Oregon's attractive profile. "For awhile this season it was Alabama and Oregon for the national championship. They have some players with name recognition." Hill said the Alamo Bowl had representatives in Stillwater for Oklahoma's 33-24 upset of Oklahoma State, in Waco for Baylor's Big 12-clinching win over Texas and in Tempe for the Pac-12 championship game between Stanford and Arizona State. "We're going to get who we get and we've got a small pool to choose from," Hill said. "We will meet (Sunday) and get all the reports. I don't know exactly when we'll get the call from the bowls that choose ahead of us. But when they say, 'Here's who we picked,' it's almost NFL draft-like. We'll have to be ready to make our selections, but it's a pretty defined pool." The Alamo Bowl will choose either Oregon or Arizona State from the Pac-12. After the BCS selections, the Cotton Bowl gets to pick a Big 12 team before the Alamo Bowl. If the Ducks are invited to the Alamo, they will be allotted 9,500 tickets. Oregon sold around 17,000 of the 17,500 tickets it was allotted for the Fiesta Bowl. Baylor (Big 12 champion) is expected to face Central Florida (American champion) in the Fiesta Bowl. Pac-12 champion Stanford and Big Ten champion Michigan State will play in the 100th Rose Bowl. After No. 2 Ohio State's loss to Michigan State, the Buckeyes (Big Ten at-large) are now projected to match up with Clemson (ACC at-large) in the Orange Bowl. Auburn, the SEC champion, will almost certainly move into the No. 2 spot in the BCS standings and will face No. 1 Florida State in the national title game. Some Duck fans might still want Bama (the T-shirts are already printed), but the Sugar Bowl is expected to pair Alabama with Oklahoma. "We're very BCS dependent," Hill said. Typically, fans from football-crazed Texas fill up most of the Alamodome, regardless of the teams involved. The Alamo Bowl would be able to sell Oregon, even though some of the sizzle is gone after November losses to Stanford and Arizona. "It's not going to be a travel decision," Hill said. "It's going to be a matchup decision. We want the best possible matchup." Follow Ryan on Twitter @rgduckfootball