Nearly 30 volunteers went to North Marion Middle School Saturday to help remove the unsafe bleachers that have been a fixture of the school for 30 years.

The replacement bleachers will be installed over the holiday break by a contractor. The district has been saving money for about 18 months through the construction excise tax, so it is able to pay the $72,000 needed for new bleachers. by: SUBMITTED - The unsafe bleachers were taken out, leaving a blank space in the gymnasium that will be filled with new, up-to-code bleachers over the holiday weekend by a construction company. The new bleachers will follow ADA regulations and will also come with remote controls.

By having volunteers remove the bleachers, the district saved an additional $4,600, according to Business Manager Linda Murray.

The new bleachers will be up to ADA codes and come with wireless controls.

The wood from the bleachers was put up for sale on and the metal is being donated to the district’s vocational programs.

— Lindsay Keeferby: SUBMITTED - Volunteers got up close and personal with the North Marion Middle School bleachers during a removal party on Saturday.

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