Haley Elsasser

Haley Elsasser, daughter of Joe and Katie by: SUBMITTED - Haley ElsasserElsasser and sister of Carmen and Owen, is in sixth grade.

Her favorite school activities are playing outside and going on field trips. Her favorite classes are art, math, social studies, science and spelling/lit.

“When I graduate from high school, I want to find a nice college and study for the real world,” she said about her future goals.

Her teacher, Kelly Cromwell, wrote about her “Haley is an outstanding citizen in the classroom. She is well-liked, reliable and cooperative. Haley’s level of organization and service to others makes her a true ‘CASAS’ person (someone who demonstrates characteristics of the house of God)!”

Jack Hammack

by: SUBMITTED - Jack HammackJack Hammack, son of Tom and Heidi and brother of Noah, is in seventh grade.

His favorite classes are math, science and art.

“I want to learn how to fly,” he said about his future goals.

“Jack’s pleasant and cooperative personality is truly an asset to our class,” said teacher Kelly Cromwell. “He is always willing to lend a helping hand.”

Gissel Miranda

Gissel Miranda, daughter of Gustovo and Martha Miranda and sister of Jackie, Kevin and Kimberly, is in eighth SUBMITTED - Gissel Miranda

Her favorite classes are art and language arts.

“I love lunch because that’s when I get to be with my friends,” she added.

She said she hopes that, when she graduates from high school, she can move to California for a year and then attend college.

“Gissel’s focus and study skills make her a successful student,” said teacher Kelly Cromwell. “She arrives at school each day with a cheerful, positive attitude and applies this to each task she is faced with. I look forward to seeing Gissel’s success as she takes her gifts and talents to Woodburn High School next year.”

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