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Troutdale's Jeremy McLaughlin won the

In the end, Jeremy McLaughlin's polish in front of the camera won out.

The 25-year-old McLaughlin won the 'Wanted: Adventure Host' reality show on Comcast SportsNet (37), and will be host of his own show on the network this year - hosting 10 to 14 shows.

It's called 'The Wild Life with Jeremy,' which debuted this week, and it'll air at 7 p.m. each Wednesday.

'We're trying to find all kinds of Northwest adventures - paragliding, rock climbing, backpacking, fishing - within my feasible grasp,' says McLaughlin, who lives in Troutdale, but plans to move into Portland. 'It'll be a mixture of adventure and local culture.'

McLaughlin, a former University of Oregon wrestler from Central Point, beat out Duane Inglin and Cameron Carpenter in the reality show, demonstrating more acumen in front of the camera. McLaughlin aspires to be an actor, so playing host on his own show certainly helps.

Acting and wrestling at Oregon was a fairly unusual situation, 'but I try not to limit myself to what people would expect,' adds McLaughlin, who's also an ordained minister.

McLaughlin was declared the winner Monday after a reunion show, and a week after his five-minute pilot, 'The Wild Life with Jeremy' drew rave reviews from judges.

McLaughlin says Comcast plans another 'Wanted' themed show.

- Jason Vondersmith

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