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Socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried (In Portland, socialism isn't such a bad word, May 27). The current crop of leftist/statist 'leaders' have convinced themselves, and try to convince the rest of us, that the previous failures were because those running it were the wrong people. Our 'leaders' believe they are the true anointed and enlightened ones and only they know how to do it correctly.

I hope there was not a lot of money spent on the poll to come up with the fact that 'Moscow on the Willamette' is a socialist paradise. All one has to do is take a stroll downtown or simply pay attention to local election results to learn the same facts. Capitalism and the sweat of entrepreneurs are what built up this, the greatest society on the face of the planet, and now the left is tearing us down so they can feel better about themselves.

R. Lee Willis


Slanted story smears Democrats

I greatly resent your extremely slanted journalism reflected in the front page headline 'In Portland, socialism isn't such a bad word' (May 27) above a picture of a woman in a sweatshirt that clearly says 'Democrats for Health Care.' I am livid that you would paint Democrats with that label, quite obviously with intention. I rather imagine that Carla Hanson, Democratic chairwoman, is similarly enraged by this characterization.

Are you simply so politically ignorant as not to understand that larger government, in an age when our population has exploded (ergo government is larger) and when military hardware has skyrocketed in price due to technology, does not equal per se 'socialism?' Are you aware that about half the federal budget is taken up with military expenditures of one sort or another? Are you aware that had we 'privatized' Social Security, a significant portion of these funds would have gone to private for-profit investors in the form of commissions, therefore giving us less bang for our buck in the retirement arena?

No. I thought not.

Is the editor so young that he has grown up in schools which do not deal with civics or history separately from 'social studies,' or have you simply been listening to too much Rush Limbaugh and Tea Party speeches?

If the latter is your source of information, you better get ready to be left out of awards, because those sources are notoriously short on accurate facts. And you might do well to register in a course of political science in order to learn what socialism is and is not.

But I don't think you are really interested in learning any facts and definitions. I think you merely wanted to make Democrats look bad and to offend them. And you have - right into ceasing to read your paper.

Emma Lee Weibel

Lake Oswego

Portland spends its way to bankruptcy

Congratulations, Portland! You favor slopping at the trough, living on welfare and other taxpayer-paid benefits - you must be proud (In Portland, socialism isn't such a bad word, May 27).

When this state completely collapses from the dead weight of barnacles such as yourself, where will you go then? Forget California and forget Europe. They have both spent themselves into bankruptcy. France, with it's wonderful socialized medicine, has self-destructed. Serves them right.

Sally Choong


Bailout won't help socialist cause

The European model doesn't seem to be working too well (In Portland, socialism isn't such a bad word, May 27).

In case you progressive socialist Democrats missed it, the Euro is collapsing. How many more trillion dollar bailouts do you think it will take before your entire socialist house of cards crumbles?

Quinn Annas

Southeast Portland

European nations not really socialist

It appears that Jim Redden, true to form, continues to promote the right-wing myth that any favorable opinion of government, and its beneficial role in civilized society, is automatically 'socialism' (In Portland, socialism isn't such a bad word, May 27).

The right likes to apply that word to everyone and everything that doesn't share its anti-government dogma. Sort of like in the 1950s when everyone not a rigid jingoist was labeled a communist. Modern European governments, of course, are far from pure socialism, but more a hybrid of regulated capitalism and enhanced social services.

The crowning example of right-wingnut extremism is to label Obama or his programs as socialist. Have we learned nothing from the devastation (the Bush recession, credit collapse, Gulf oil disaster, etc.) brought about by the 'deregulate and let the market run free' ideology?

Jim Gardner

Southwest Portland

Less government in rural areas

Of course, in the Portland metro area the word socialism isn't a bad word, because of how many bloodsucking people are getting funds without ever paying for them (In Portland, socialism isn't such a bad word, May 27).

Look into the rural areas where there are not as many people on the public dole, where the work ethic comes into play and there is a big difference. Less government, not more taxes and public programs.

Alan Brawner


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