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This whole episode is very troubling, as time passes the safe return of Kyron becomes more in doubt (Vigil shines a light on prayers for missing boy, June 17).

In our society, there are many sick individuals who to the casual observer seem normal, but have hidden, well secreted agendas. It would come as no shock to me, when this tragic episode plays out, it will be a familiar face that will be the villain.

The search effort may have taken a little long to get under way, but it certainly has been comprehensive and thorough. No love of our fellow man, little Kyron, has been more exemplified.

Marc M. Holcomb Sr.


Could kidnapping attempt be related?

In April, two men in a newer silver/gold SUV with a roof rack tried to abduct children at a Gresham bus stop. The lone passenger was in the back seat lying down. He opened his door and tried to grab one after the driver told them he was going to give them a ride to school. The children ran.

This got little media attention, but you can search it online (Children foil attempted kidnapping at bus stop, Gresham Outlook, April 16).

I couldn't help but feel if these men get just a little bolder and quicker, that they would succeed on their next attempt. Anyone see these guys in Kyron's area?

Ray Sprauer


Best wishes come from afar

There are no words to describe what the residents in your town are experiencing having a missing child.

My thoughts are with you.

Sandra J. Taylor

Brantford, Ontario, Canada

Don't turn schools into prisons

This is a very troubling story, but I hope Portland Public Schools does not turn our schools into prisons in an effort to prevent this very rare occurrence (Boy's case adds to PPS woes, June 10).

Jo McIntyre


Nation prays for Kyron's return

I am in Oklahoma and residents here are mortified. We are all praying for his safe return (Vigil shines a light on prayers for missing boy, June 17). Kyron's disappearance has got to get nationwide attention - someone knows where he is. God help him.

Those of us that know about this story love this child we've never met. Our prayers are with Kyron.

Jim Garrett

Tulsa, Okla.

Attendance policy should be standard

How horrible that it takes a tragedy to motivate administrators to implement a little common sense and good judgment (regarding their attendance policy) (Boy's case adds to PPS woes, June 10). Another reason I am grateful to be in the Beaverton School District.

We are all hoping and praying for this boy's safe return.

Bonnie Hadley


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