Hornbuckle, Kilgore and Burke lend sweet sound to concert
by: COURTESY OF BUKO, ’80s glam metal band Black ’N Blue will be inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame Oct. 9, where they reunite with former member Tommy Thayer (right) of KISS for a performance at the ceremony.

A world-renowned Irish fiddler, a veteran soul singer and a glam metal band that spawned members of KISS and Warrant are among the inductees to the Oregon Music Hall of Fame this year.

James St. James, lead singer of Black 'N Blue, called his band's induction 'an awesome thing.'

'I never saw that coming, to be honest with you,' he says, but also notes with a chuckle he feels the band 'deserves it' since Black 'N Blue was among the hair metal hierarchy in L.A.'s headbanger glory days.

Meanwhile, soul singer Linda Hornbuckle has sung for the Lord on Sundays in church and rocked crowds at clubs and festivals for more than 26 years.

'It's just really an honor to be recognized that way for a person who never had a hit record,' she says of her induction. 'I count that as Portland being very good to me.'

Here's the inductee lineup:

Black 'N Blue

At a recent Black 'N Blue show, a 19-year-old came up to St. James and told him he'd just experienced the high point of his life - hearing St. James sing 'Hold On To 18,' the band's 1984 hit single.

'I'll see kids out there who are 14 years old and singing along with every word and I'll think, 'How did that happen?' ' notes St. James, who's also sung for Warrant.

The band will reunite at the Hall of Fame ceremony with Tommy Thayer of KISS. Other members of Black 'N Blue on stage will be drummer Pete Holmes, bassist Patrick Young and guitarist Jeff Warner.

Linda Hornbuckle

Hornbuckle sings gospel, soul, funk and blues and has toured and recorded with Dan Reed, Quarterflash and Nu Shooz, among others. She was lead vocalist for Body + Soul and the No deLay Band and has released her own albums as well as a duet with Janice Scroggins.

'I've been really blessed to travel - for free - and go places where I thought I'd never go,' she says. 'I never thought I'd be in Italy or Poland or Sweden and singing. I don't ever want to give up music. It's like a tree you can keep growing forever.'

Kevin Burke

The finest Irish fiddler in the world is not in Dublin or Dundalk - he's right here in Portland.

Burke has played with the Bothy Band, considered a top traditional Celtic music band, and with guitarist-singer Micheal O Domhnaill made music in Portland in the 1980s. Burke also belonged to the groups Patrick Street and Open House.

Burke has released records with guitarist Cal Scott, the latest of which was called 'Suite,' the subject of a humorous moment at the duo's March concert at the Aladdin.

As Scott began strumming his guitar during a piece, Burke got confused and stopped playing.

'I've forgotten how the song goes,' he admitted, adding: 'I'll have to buy the record to learn it.' The audience roared with laughter, and the duo set things right with a lively retake.

Rebecca Kilgore

A nationally acclaimed jazz vocalist and radio host with more than 30 recordings to her name, Kilgore has been heard on NPR's 'Fresh Air' as well as 'A Prairie Home Companion.'

Tim Hardin

Born in Eugene in 1941, Hardin's songs include such classics as 'Reason To Believe' and 'If I Were A Carpenter.'


Other inductees include bassist Denny Bixby who's played with the Terry Robb Trio, Jeff Lorber, Nanci Griffith and Chet Atkins. He was also a member of country hitmakers Great Plains.

Peter Dammann was lead guitarist for the Paul deLay Band and has also booked the Waterfront Blues Festival. He plays his ax for DK4.

Music agent Andy Gilbert has spent 35 years making Pacific Talent the largest talent-booking agency in the state. He has produced festivals, conventions and corporate events.

Mike Quinn and his business partner Chris Monlux formed Monqui Presents, one of the largest independent promoters in the country. He's managed the Dandy Warhols, among others, and in 2004 opened the Doug Fir Lounge.

The late Les Sarnoff was a DJ for KGON in 1974. In 1977 he moved to KINK. Save for a couple of years in the '80s, Sarnoff continued to work at KINK until he died in 2009 from cancer.

The Hall of Fame has also added a new category this year - Artist of the Year. This year's recipient is Pink Martini, formed in 1994 by Thomas Lauderdale, the classy sassy band has since gone on to international acclaim.

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