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Redistricting effort underway

State Rep. Shawn Lindsay is taking to the airwaves to drub up interest in the nuts-and-bolts topic of congressional redistricting. For the uninitiated, the boundary lines of state house or senate districts might seem like dreadfully dull business, but as Lindsay points out in a Youtube video (see it at, the history of setting up representational districts is riddled with political gamesmanship. In Oregon's evenly-split house of representatives, Lindsay, a freshman Republican from Hillsboro, representing House District 30 on the house's redistricting committee, hopes to craft a bipartisan redistricting plan.

So far, Democratic leadership in both in both the house and the senate have indicated support for the legislature drawing the lines. But Republicans admit they have the most to lose in this dance: if the legislature can't agree, redistricting falls to Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown, who spent five years in the state senate as leader of the Democratic majority and was known at the time for a deft hand at usurping GOP desires before being elected as Secretary of State in 2008.

Data from the 2010 Census showed significant growth in Oregon, especially in Washington County, which has some pundits wondering how the redistricting effort may slice up the state's five U.S. congressional districts, including the first district, held by Democrat David Wu.

Cornelius holds building roundtable

Building officials with the city of Cornelius will meet with builders to discuss changes to statewide building code and open up discussion on how the city's building department is interfacing with those who do work in the city.

'This is kind of what the mayor and the council have been asking for us to do to have an opportunity to meet with contractors and developers,' said Dave Waffle, Cornelius city manager.

Waffle said the meeting, pegged for March 23, is a revival of an old tradition in the city.

'We used to have, about 4 years ago, a regular annual meeting with contractors. Mostly on code issues and that fell away for whatever reason,' Waffle said.

Since he was elected last fall, Cornelius Mayor Neal Knight has pushed for a town hall-style meeting for business interests to air their complaints about the way the city has operated. Knight's main piques have been pointed at the city's building department, which he says is overly bureaucratic.

Officials from Cornelius and Hillsboro will be on hand March 23 to meet with the city's largest builders and contractors. Cornelius entered into an agreement with Hillsboro late last year to contract final approval on building projects when Bill Woods, the city's building official, retired. Cornelius retains a part-time building official who does inspections on projects, but officials in Hillsboro do plan review and sign off on certificates of occupancy.

Openings and extended hours

Parr Lumber of Forest Grove, located at 2134 Main St., is now open Saturdays.

The Tillamook Forest Center reopened after winter closure on March 2. Hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday.

FM Rock station goes all-talk

Rockers will have to go someplace else to get their Kidd Chris and Porkchop fix in the morning. The KUFO morning show dropped Tuesday, along with the station's Led Zeppelin rock blocks, when 101.1 FM jumped to all talk radio.

Portland's Alpha Broadcasting pulled the plug on the rock'n'roll radio station about mid-morning, replacing it with Newsradio 750 KXL's AM lineup on the FM dial. Beginning Tuesday, the station will simulcast as KXL-AM/FM, with local and national news, and traffic reports throughout the day.

KUFO had been on the air since December 1989.

KXL AM's lineup includes The Glenn Beck Program, The Lars Larson Show (locally and nationally) and the Jason Lewis Show. Weekend shows will also continue on new KXL-AM/FM, including In the Garden with Mike Darcy and Around the House with Handyman Bob.

Pacific fundraiser wins honors

Pacific University Director of Athletics Ken Schumann was recently named the College Division Fundraiser of the Year by the National Association of Athletic Development Directors.

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