Poll shows reports hurt Wus support

Democrats, independent voters waver following health revelations

A poll conducted by Survey USA on behalf of KATU shows the political impact of a spate of bad news for Democratic Congressman David Wu.

Wu admitted to sending a series of bizarre e-mails wherein he masqueraded as his children and sent photos of himself in a plush tiger suit to staffers just days before he was reelected to his seventh term.

The poll indicates that a slim majority of voters, 46 percent, seem to think Wu should resign, while 42 percent feel he should stay in office. The results spread across the range of the margin of error for the poll, which is 4 percentage points.

The poll, conducted between March 3 and March 4, also predicts that if the 2010 election was held again today, Wu would have a challenge reconnecting with voters. While 52 percent of poll respondents said they voted for Wu in the fall, only 33 percent said they would do so today. Rob Cornilles, Wu's challenger in the fall election seems to receive a small boost in the poll, with 41 percent saying they'd vote for him today, over the 38 percent that said they voted for him in the fall.

At the same time, the number of voters undecided in the race climbed to 17 percent when asked who they'd vote for if the election was held today, suggesting the news has hurt Wu's support more than it has helped another candidate.

Republicans overwhelmingly (4 to 1) say Wu should resign, not surprising given the poll numbers, where 78 percent of republicans in the district reported voting for Cornilles. The same percentage said they'd vote for him again.