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by: VERN UYETAKE, Bruce Studer (left) and Matt Rossman are trying to convince voters to allow a major casino at the former greyhound racetrack in Wood Village. The land, however, is located within an urban renewal district, which means any new property taxes generated by the development will be used solely for urban renewal — not for schools or other purposes.

Please vote against a casino (Casino backers go 'all in', Sept. 23).

I'd like us to take care of each other, not take each other to the cleaners. I don't want my four nieces to rely on the siphoned profits of chance to fund their education. I am willing to pay a sales tax, as well as property, income and auto-registration tax to keep our state afloat.

I am not willing to support an establishment that steals the life-force from individuals, reduces their savings and makes them into traffic accidents waiting to happen.

As economist Robert Goodman says in "The Luck Game," gambling costs the state $2 for every $1 it rakes in, in the delayed costs of bankruptcy, divorce, alcoholism and drug addiction, etc.

A few people make a bundle; the rest of us go down in flames.

Tom Strange

Northeast Portland

Why not build casino in Canada?

Your article on the Oregon ballot vote for a casino at the dog track was welcome information (Casino backers go 'all in', Sept. 23). But at least a couple of bits of information would have been more informative regarding the "Canadian investment firm" behind Rossman and Studer.

• If these Canadian folks have such deep pockets, why don't they spend it to get a casino in Canada?

• Just who are the Canadian investment firm's principals? Names, please, and perhaps some of their background?

This kind of information is relevant to the matter of voting on the casino.

Paul Anuschat

Southeast Portland

Let state keep gambling profits

I support building a casino in Oregon (Casino backers go 'all in', Sept. 23). But let's just let the state build it, and allow the state to keep all of the profits.

We already have state-legalized gambling with the lottery, so I don't see a huge difference in building a casino. And, frankly, it's so easy to gamble online that all we're doing is taking profits that currently go to Dubai and the Cayman Islands and bringing that revenue back to Oregon.

Justin Morton

Washington, D.C.

Slam door on casino measure

Thank you for your front-page article 'Casino backers go 'all in'' (Sept. 23). We now can see and gag over the fact that a couple Lake Oswego millionaires aided by a wealthy out-of-country company can buy their way on to the Oregon ballot shamelessly.

It is up to all Oregonians to slam the door in their faces, loudly and clearly, so that they never dare try this scandal again. What these guys are asking for is a legalized "monopoly," a word that has sent shivers down the spine of all red-blooded Americans starting with the real Boston Tea Party.

Surely no informed Oregon voter could even consider voting for Ballot Measure 75. Keep that number in mind and tell all your friends: Oregon cannot become known as the gullible sucker state.

James Shand

Southwest Portland

Casino will kick minorities to curb

Give two guys and a friend a monopoly? You've got to be kidding.

Let's see, we'll keep the Indians from building in the gorge, but let the white folks do as they will (Casino backers go 'all in', Sept. 23). How often have we seen this? Once the white majority realizes there is money to be made, kick the minorities to the curb.

Wouldn't let the tribes build around the convention center, but give Huey, Dewey and their Canadian friend Louie the right to belly up to the bar.

Jim Werner

Southeast Portland

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