Birds offer visual reminder for student fundraiser
by: Chase Allgood Ethan Ouellette helps sign Paul Edwards up for a flocking service. Ouellette and other Forest Grove United Church of Christ volunteers will place plastic flamingos on the yards of Edwards’ choosing.

You've heard of flood insurance. You've heard of earthquake coverage. Now add this to the list of things not covered by run-of-the-mill homeowner's insurance: a pink flamingo making its home in your lawn.

When it comes to putting the 'fun' in fundraising, youth at the Forest Grove United Church of Christ on College Way are getting creative.

Just in time for spring break, from March 17 through 26, members of the church's youth group - who plan to attend a 'learning and serving' workshop this summer at the Yakima Christian Mission in White Swan, Wash. - will be placing pink flamingos in yards throughout Forest Grove.

Youth director Audrey Ouellette said the birds, which stand about two feet tall and are made of plastic, should be a good visual for spreading the word about the upcoming trip. About 15 teenagers will learn about cooperative farming, harvesting food and exploring preconceptions about race and culture while in Washington State.

Two Sundays ago, youth group members started selling 'flamingo anti-flocking insurance' after services for $20. Church members who didn't purchase the insurance could find a flamingo in their yard in the next couple weeks, Ouellette noted.

Homeowners who are visited by one of the birds can donate to the youth group and get it moved to another yard, which they designate ahead of time. The birds will remain in each yard for 24 hours and can be removed free of charge.

Church members were able to order a dozen flamingos for $10 or 24 for $15.

'This is all being done in good spirit,' said Ouellette, who invited people to call her at 503-758-4114 for more information.

Interested folks can also go to the church's website at to learn more.

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