by: Gus Jarvis  The inviting, comforting theater in  McLundy’s Green Room.

Giving home to music in Brightwood since 2009, McLundy's Green Room is a place where anyone from budding musicians to touring acts can perform in an intimate, unassuming venue. This is where homegrown music from all walks of life blossoms in monthly concerts, community jam sessions and music workshops.

Located at 64235 E. Brightwood Loop Road in Brightwood, McLundy's Green Room goes on almost incognito. Among thick trees, the building appears to be a large garage in a residential neighborhood in rural Oregon. In fact, in its former life, it previously held a coffee roasting facility.

Inside the gray building, you'll find a warm, comfortable and colorful theater with stage lighting and a piano. There's room on stage to play and plenty of room to sit back and listen in chairs and couches. It's a place where the community is open to sharing and learning the music it loves.

Suzan McLundy and her husband, Ray, own the place. Providing the small music venue to the community, which is gaining popularity across Portland's music scene, is something the two will always find a way to do, they say.

'This goes back before we moved here,' Suzan McLundy says. 'We were getting ready to find somewhere to live, and we visualized a space with a lot of light where people could get together, network, play music and tell their stories. I swear the next day we found this house.'

At first the two thought the former coffee roasting facility, which lies adjacent to their house, would make a good game room, housing a pool table. But with McLundy's love for playing the piano and guitar with people, they decided to make it into a music theater.

'We started out just having a jam session and then kind of a music showcase after that,' she says. 'There are a lot of places you can go for open mic nights and jams, but for a lot of new musicians, the hardest part is getting their instrument out of their car. My philosophy is to go out to the car and help them get their instruments in here so they can share what they know, learn and have a totally positive experience.'

All of this done without the background noise of a bar or coffee shop.

'It's all about being acoustic here. There's no amps, no mics. It's about having an audience that is listening and being a part of the music,' she says. 'And you don't have to fight to play over the coffee machine.'

With the space gaining popularity, community jams are held once a month as well as concerts with musicians coming to the venue from all over the United States.

'We have had two songwriting workshops and had people come from Vancouver and the Portland- metro area to play,' McLundy says. 'People are coming from all over, and it's really great. People are driving a long way.'

The next performance at McLundy's will feature the music of Anne Weiss at 6 p.m. Saturday, March 19. A $10 suggested donation will be accepted, and reservations are required.

The next community jam session/music circle will be held April 2. For more information about playing at the venue, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the website

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