Police log - March 17, 2011


Information for the public safety column comes from public records of the West Linn Police Department.

Authorities recently filed reports on the following incidents.


3/9 12:06 p.m.; A grandmother received a call from an unknown person who told her that her grandson went to British Columbia. She believed it to be a scam.


3/8 5:59 a.m.; A white Chevy Cavalier was stolen from the 700 block of Washington Street. The keys were in the vehicle, and the ignition was on.

3/8 10:19 a.m.; A customer in a blue Ford Focus at the 76 Station asked for $40 worth of gas, paid $4 and left. Officers contacted the driver and it appears to be a misunderstanding.

3/9 6:54 a.m.; A woman's doorbell rang three times at 9:30 p.m. on March 8 and she did not answer it. A note was left on the door saying, 'Our iPad was stolen from Dick's Sporting Goods and we traced it to this address.'


3/5 9:10 a.m.; In non-injury crash, a vehicle ran into a rock wall on Sunset Avenue at Willamette Falls Drive.

3/5 2:35 p.m.; A bicyclist crashed on Hidden Springs Road and was taken away by AMR.

3/6 8:50 a.m.; A stop sign was damaged at Hillcrest and Sunset drives as the result of a moving violation.

3/7 6:54 p.m.; In a non-injury accident, four vehicles were blocking the road on Exit 8 off I-205.

3/8 6:40 p.m.; A woman got a note on her car to tell her about a hit-and-run accident. She came to the police station to report the accident.


3/4 10:19 a.m.; A woman reported a domestic disturbance that involved 'thumping and screaming.'

3/4 2:58 p.m.; Garbage thrown from neighboring apartments was apparently causing a problem with rats in the 1600 block of Willamette Falls Drive. Officers could find no indication of garbage.

3/4 4:31 p.m.; A woman's daughter received harassing text messages from a friend.

3/4 4:36 p.m.; A man was taking photos of employees at the post office and refusing to leave.

3/4 11:33 p.m.; Officers attempted to locate a suicidal subject in a black Dodge pickup with a canopy. The subject sent a text saying, 'The pills are kicking in, I'm in my truck and goodbye.'

3/5 12:52 p.m.; Officers were asked to check on a subject who was confused and sounded paranoid. Officers were unable to locate or contact the subject.

3/5 2:45 p.m.; A woman was afraid that the suspect in a cold assault in Eugene may drive to her residence on Kenthorpe Way.

3/5 5:12 p.m.; Gunshots were reported in the area of the 1300 block of Evah Lane. Officers determined the shots were coming from across the river.

3/5 5:22 p.m.; A possible drug deal was reported in the Starbucks parking lot 'near the pizza place.' Officers were unable to locate the suspects.

3/5 9:31 p.m.; A woman came into 7 Eleven on Willamette Drive crying and claiming her boyfriend robbed her. Officers determined the robbery was a couple-dollar discrepancy over cigarettes.

3/5 10:33 p.m.; Loud music was reported at the West Linn Saloon.

3/6 7:06 p.m.; A man reported hearing gun shots or bottle rockets behind his house in the 1100 block of 12th Street.

3/6 10:16 p.m.; A man was yelling and things were being thrown around in an apartment. The woman involved was transported to Shari's.

3/7 7:58 a.m.; A woman was concerned that two vehicles in the parking lot of Willamette Primary School were involved in road rage or drug deals. Officers contacted the parties and all was OK.

3/7 4:01 p.m.; A small silver bicycle was tucked behind a tree on Ridgewood Way for five days. It was reported as a 'lovely low rider with white wall tires and a black banana seat.'

3/7 5:04 p.m.; A mother reported finding naked photos of her 14-year-old daughter on her daughter's iPod. Apparently, the daughter sent the photos to others. Officers contacted the girl and gave her advice.

3/8 8:50 a.m.; Officers received an anonymous call from a school bus on the way to Rosemont Ridge Middle School reporting that the bus driver was texting while driving. Officers were unable to locate the driver at the bus barn.

3/8 12:18 p.m.; A woman reported that her neighbor on Skyview Drive was harassing her about the noise her two-year-old makes.

3/8 2:55 p.m.; A trash can at Philadelphia Steak and Hoagie was vandalized. The loss value was estimated at $15.

3/9 12:12 a.m.; Officers assisted the Lake Oswego Police Department on a traffic pursuit and article search at Country Club and Knaus roads in Lake Oswego.

3/9 8:56 a.m.; An older male reportedly pushed one of two teen boys off his bike on Willamette Drive near Hood Street.

3/9 9:12 a.m.; A green Jeep was cited for parking over the sidewalk on Margery Street.

3/9 9:52 a.m.; A woman on Hoodview Street bought her 55-year-old male guest a computer. During an argument, he pushed her and stalked off - taking the computer with him.

3/9 3:50 p.m.; Ten- and 15-year-old juveniles arrived home from school to find the door wide open. Officers cleared the house, all was OK.

3/10 5:13 p.m.; A group of juveniles were reportedly smoking from a pipe on Parker Road.

3/10 6:49 p.m.; A 14- or 15-year-old male with long brown hair was running down the sidewalk at I-205 and Willamette Drive with his pants down. He was with two juvenile women who had their pants on.

3/10 10:43 p.m.; Two juveniles with skateboards at Cedaroak Park Primary School were being loud.

3/11 1:25 a.m.; A tsunami warning was issued for Northern Oregon coastal rivers. This may have an effect on Clackamas County.


3/4 9:24 a.m.; A dead raccoon was reported in the roadway in front of the school on Dollar Street at Willamette Falls Drive.

3/6 10:48 a.m.; Three aggressive dogs were at large in the park on Kapteyns Street.