EHS equestrian team takes first at district competition

Graham captures new record in Steer Daubing event
by: Submitted photo Estacada High School equestrian team member Jordyn Graham set a new record in Steer Daubing at the March 4-6 Oregon High School Equestrian Team Northeast District Meet. Graham daubed her cow in 0.65 seconds, shattering the previous OHSET record of 0.87 seconds.

The Estacada High School equestrian team dominated the Oregon High School Equestrian Team competition March 4-6 by outperforming eight other teams in the competition. While the team celebrated its first overall victory for the season, the Rangers also racked up a host of individual victories along the way.

Individual riders and their horses from EHS captured 11 first place victories in the OHSET Northeast District competition held in Boring. EHS senior Stephanie Searls won the most points for the Rangers, earning 144 points of the team's 710-point total. In addition, teammate Jordyn Graham set a new record in Steer Daubing, marking her cow in 0.65 seconds, which smashed the old record of 0.87 seconds.

'We performed a lot better this time than our first meet of the season,' EHS Equestrian Team Coach Janice Searls said. 'We only beat the second place team by 63 points. There's a lot of good competition in our district this year. We improved all the way around from our last meet and everybody has been working hard to perform so exceptionally well.'

Competing on the EHS equestrian team is different from more traditional sports where team practices are held daily after school. Because of the varied events at equestrian meets, many athletes specialize in a handful of events, and thus practice on their own time with their horses. A handful of athletes do meet regularly at the Mount Hood Equestrian in Boring to practice drill team performances and a few other events, but most practice on their own or at other semi-professional locations.

'It's difficult to try and schedule practice for the entire team, because they are all involved in so many different events,' Searls said. 'Everybody is really busy. They have homework and stuff like that, so this is a sport where the athletes practice a lot on their own with their horses, and it appears these guys did a lot of practicing after our last meet.'

In order to compete in OHSET-sanctioned events, students have similar eligibility requirements to student athletes who compete in Oregon School Activities Association events such as baseball, softball, track and field and tennis held during the spring season. In order to help students maintain eligibility, EHS senior and equestrian team captain Austin Nenow organized a weekly homework help session to assist and encourage students to maintain academic eligibility and have time to practice riding and working with their horses.

'Austin is our team captain and Jillian Greene is the co-captain,' Searls said. 'They are two of the seniors on our team. We will lose both of them along with a core group of seniors when they graduate this year. Austin and Jillian are two of the kids on the team that have really been leaders on this team, go above and beyond to help everyone, and are right there watching over things at competitions. They are both excellent riders and students, and I'm proud of each and every rider on our team.'

The EHS Equestrian Team will compete again April 1-3 at the Mount Hood Equestrian Center in Boring in their third meet of the season.

Results from March 4-6 OHSET Meet

Stock Seat

Mikyla Poulson, 6th place; Austin Nenow, 12th place; Katelyn Cox, 15th place, Stetson Riley, 25th place; Haley Mottner, 26th place


Katelyn Cox, 3rd place; Haley Mottner, 14th place

Working Rancher

Alyse Ahlquist, 1st place; Austin Nenow, 3rd place; Alisha Behrens, 4th place


Estacada A: Stephanie Searls, Jillian Greene, 1st place; Estacada C: Alyse Ahlquist, Aly Pemberton, 11th place; Estacada D: Jordyn Graham, Angela Krueger, 13th place; Estacada I: Alisha Behrens, Krystal Strickland, 20th place; Estacada E: Mikyla Poulson, Breanne Stout, 21st place; Estacada F: Jessica Christenson, Haley Mottner, 22nd place; Estacada B: Katelyn Cox, Austin Nenow, 23rd place

Canadian Flag

Estacada C: Mikyla Poulson, Jessica Christenson, Krystal Strickland, Haley Mottner, 2nd place; Estacada B: Katelyn Cox, Austin Nenow, Breanne Stout, Kyndall Gatten, 5th place


Stephanie Searls, 2nd place; Jordyn Graham, 12th place; Angela Krueger, 15th place; Jessica Christenson, 17th place; Breanne Stout, 38th place; Sabrina Moore, 39th place; Kyndall Gatten, 44th place

Pole Bending

Jillian Greene, 1st place; Angela Krueger, 5th place; Jordyn Graham, 8th place; Alisha Behrens, 15th place; Sabrina Moore, 16th place; Jessica Christenson, 20th place; Kyndall Gatten, 26th place; Haley Mottner, 39th place; Krystal Strickland, 30th place

Individual Flag

Stephanie Searls, 1st place; Alisha Behrens, 4th place; Angela Krueger, 9th place; Krystal Strickland, 18th place; Jillian Greene, 20th place

Key Hole

Mikyla Poulson, 7th place; Krystal Strickland, 10th place; Kyndall Gatten, 12th place; Sabrina Moore, 13th place; Breanne Stout, 19th place; Haley Mottner, 21st place

Figure 8

Stephanie Searls, 1st place; Angela Krueger, 9th place; Aly Pemberton, 10th place; Jessica Christenson, 12th place; Krystal Strickland, 13th place; Kyndall Gatten, 21st place; Jordyn Graham, 25th place; Alisha Behrens, 31st place; Sabrina Moore, 36th place; Breanne Stout, 42nd place


Mikyla Poulson, 5th place; Austin Nenow, 17th place


Aly Pemberton, 1st place; Alyse Ahlquist, 3rd place; Katelyn Cox, 4th place; Mikyla Poulson, 6th place; Jillian Greene, 9th place

Working Pairs

Mikyla Poulson, Angela Krueger, 1st place; Katelyn Cox, Stephanie Searls, 5th place; Alyse Ahlquist, Aly Pemberton, 9th place; Alisha Behrens, Krystal Strickland, 13th place; Austin Nenow, Haley Mottner, 15th place

In-Hand Obstacle Relay

Estacada A: Mikyla Poulson, Angela Krueger, Breanne Stout, Stephanie Searls, 3rd place; Estacada B: Alyse Ahlquist, Aly Pemberton, Jillian Greene, Katelyn Cox, 6th place

Saddle Seat

Stephanie Searls, 5th place; Aly Pemberton, 7th place

Working Fours

Alyse Ahlquist, Jillian Greene, Aly Pemberton, Stephanie Searls, 1st place

Short Program Drill

Katelyn Cox, Austin Nenow, Haley Mottner, Kyndall Gatten, Sabrina Moore, Krystal Strickland, Angela Krueger, 1st place


Breanne Stout, 6th place


Alyse Ahlquist, 4th place; Katelyn Cox, 5th place

Hunt Seat

Aly Pemberton, 1st place; Mikyla Poulson, 7th place; Katelyn Cox, 16th place

Steer Daubing

Jordyn Graham, 1st place; Stephanie Searls, 2nd place; Alisha Behrens, 6th place; Alyse Ahlquist, 8th place; Austin Nenow, 11th place; Krystal Strickland, 12th place; Jillian Greene, 21st place


Alyse Ahlquist, 1st place; Austin Nenow, 2nd place

Team Penning

Estacada B: Jordyn Graham, Jillian Greene, Aly Pemberton, 7th place; Estacada A: Stephanie Searls, Alyse Ahlquist, Austin Nenow, 8th place; Estacada D: Jessica Christenson, Breanne Stout, Haley Mottner, 9th place; Estacada C: Katelyn Cox, Mikyla Poulson, Angela Krueger, 15th place; Estacada E: Alisha Behrens, Kyndall Gatten, Sabrina Moore, 18th place.