I read with interest the March 9 Spotlight article about the new tax that our sheriff proposes to put on the ballot in May.

First of all, I would like to remind the voters of the hospital levy, which is a thorn in our flesh at the moment.

A levy that the voters passed, and then voted out.

Then we are told that it is permanent and the voters cannot repeal it. Beware voters!

Could it be that this is also to fund the police state that our good government is in the process of implementing?

I wonder, as a passing thought, just how much of this tax is slated to fund the United Nations Agenda 21 (sustainable growth), which is being implemented in every county in the U.S., to say nothing about 600 cities in the U.S., also.

You may think I am hollering 'wolf,' but beware, because the big bad wolf is really here!

- Keith Carpenter, Scappoose

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