Letters to the Editor


Auto makers need to get it together

United States automobile manufacturers have failed miserably.

Over the course of the last 50 years we have seen gas wars and oil shortages due to manmade blunders and natural disasters. We have seen gas prices in the 60s at 15 to 19 cents a gallon during gas war times, and we have seen gas closing in on $5 a gallon in recent years. We have been at the mercy of Middle Eastern countries and a slave to gas and oil for as long as the automobile has been on the road.

It is impossible to imagine, as we have limped along addicted to gas and petroleum products, that U.S. automobile manufacturers have not been able to come up with a reasonable electric automobile that is earth and customer friendly. Fifty to 60 years, in my mind, is ample time to come up with an electric car.

Automakers have failed on all fronts regarding this, and the next time they come whining to taxpayers for a bailout with our money we should give them a great big resounding 'no.' Let them go under, and new automakers will rise from the ashes.

It seems like electric cars may finally be on the horizon, but seeing will be believing until we actually see these cars in mass on our highways and byways.

Get it together Detroit.