Scappoose boys and girls win all but three running events, most field events
by: John Brewington TRIPLE THREAT—Scappoose’s Mason Foumal won the long, jump, high jump and was on the winning 4x400 Relay team.

There wasn't a lot of pressure to perform, but the Scappoose Indians showed they were ready for a little competition as they dominated their own Bob Anderson Relays last Thursday.

There were just four teams and no official team scores were kept, but much of the meet was held under sunny skies. Scappoose responded by winning all but three of the relay running events, and led the way in most of the field events.

'I couldn't be happier - the kids competed hard and appear to have the makings of a very good team come mid-May,' Scappoose coach David Harley said.  'I was especially pleased with the way they seemed to prepare themselves, stayed focused, and really got into a flow with the events as they came up.'

Harley was particularly buoyed by the performance of some of his lesser-experienced athletes in the meet.

'We have some really young athletes in terms of experience that will be a big part of helping us become better as the season wears on and they get more practice time and meet competition.  I would probably point out Russell Smith, Charlie Davidson, AJ Fazio, Kathryn Taylor, and Ashley Amick (as performing well).'

The Indians also got some good early season performances from those returning to the team this season. 

'Some of our vets came out very strong as well which is indicative of being a year older and also having worked hard during that time to be where they are after one meet,' Harley said. He noted Mason Foumal, Jason Amick, Taylor Tull, Ariel Hortert, Zach Fry, Carly DiPietro, Zoey Hendryx, Stephen Bowe, Tim Trask, Chad Hollingsworth, Tia Carnahan and many others that contributed. 

'I thought Mason, Jason, Tim and Zach were especially sharp for the boys and Taylor, Ariel, and Carly (did well) for the girls,' he said.

'As always, with continued hard work and experience we hopefully will get better each week and be where we want to be come district time,' he concluded.

The squad was on spring break this week, but will be back at practice March 28, even though there is no school that week either. They will practice in the morning so they can have their afternoons and evenings free, Harley said.

The Indians next compete at the Wilsonville Rotary Invitational on April 2. They host Astoria April 7 in their next home meet.


4x100 Relay-1) Scappoose (Jaydn Harris, Stephen Bowe, A. J. Fazio, Jason Amick,), :46.59. 4x200 Relay-1) Scappoose (Ryan Hess, Bowe, Russell Smith, Brett Reeves), 1:38.45. 4x400 Relay-1) Scappoose (Fazio, Amick, Smith, Mason Foumal), 3:49.07. 4x800 Relay-1) Zach Fry, Harrison Freeland, Todd Graham, Tyler Wills), 8:59.9. Distance Medley-1) Scappoose (Freeland, Bowe, Graham, Fry), 11:59.5.

(Top three in field events comprise relay team) Shot Put-1) Tim Trask, 44-3.5; 3) Chad Hollingsworth, 40-3; 6) Levi Raethke, 38-7.5; 7) Kurt Reeves, 34-8.5. Discus-1) Hollingsworth, 117-5; 5) Tim Trask, 98-5; 8) Bryan Hutchinson, 90-6. Javelin-1) Amick, 143-6; 2) Brett Reeves, 137-4. High Jump-1) Mason Foumal, 5-10; 2) Russell Smith, 5-6; 6) Mick Vanek, 5-0. Long Jump-1) Foumal, 19-1.5; 2) Fazio, 18-8.5; 3) Hess, 17-11; 8) Lucas Anderson, 16-8. Triple Jump-2) Freeland, 37-7; 3) Todd Krueger, 35-4.


4x100 Relay-2) Scappoose (Taylor Tull, Zoey Hendryx, Ashley Amick, Julia Grabhorn), :55.80. 4x200 Relay-1) Scappoose (Phylicia Haigh, Carly DiPietro, Ashley Amick, Molly Orr), 2:03.6. 4x400 Relay-2) Scappoose (Hendryx, Orr, Tull, Kailynn Stevens), 4:40.5. 4x800 Relay-1) Scappoose (Charlie Davidson, Elise Harley, Kathryn Taylor, Tia Carnahan), 10:41.8. Distance Medley-2) Scappoose (Harley, Abby Kessi, Taylor, Carnahan), 14:22.7.

(Top three in field events comprise relay team) Shot Put-1) Sarah Landtiser, 29-1; Sophie Means, 21-6.5; 3) Sarah Jennings , 20-11.5. Discus-1) Landtiser, 72-5; 2) Arden Jones, 71-3; 3) Sophie Means, 64-5. Javelin-2) Sara Nachbar, 79-10; 5) Landtiser, 62-6; 7) Katie Nelson, 59-8. High Jump-3) Tull, 4-6; 4) Haigh, 4-4; 5) Stevens, 4-4; Sarah Davison, 4-2. Long Jump-1) DiPietro, 14-7.5; 3) Ariel Hortert, 14-2.5; 4) Grabhorn, 15-0.5; 5) Hendryx, 13-6; 7) Jessica Kuhns, 12-5.5. Triple Jump-1) Hortert, 30-11; 2) DiPietro, 30-3.5; 4) Stevens, 26-2.

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